Gems with Culture.


Aquarela Gems trades in precious and semi-precious stones meticulously sourced from various parts of the world. We take pride in our seventy-nine years of experience in the gem and jewelry industry, and continue to deliver the highest standards to each and every client.

To curate gems from many cultures in one place, Aquarela draws on well-established connections from all over the world. This enables us to offer a huge selection of inventory while understanding and working alongside each client to treat their project as our own. We thus help minimize clients’ need to carry excessive stock of gems, and offer them the ability to purchase stones as needed.

A third-generation jeweler, my father, Miguel Brandao, taught me by example. His knowledge, passion, work ethic and integrity are legendary, and I am privileged to honor him by continuing our family tradition of offering gems with culture, care and craft.

 Letícia Brandão